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Guiding our clients’ in the sea of corporate law

Corporate law made easy

We take the weight of corporate law off our client’s shoulders. From start up to restructure, our experienced and innovative corporate lawyers in Brasov ensure every element of our client’s business strategy is built for longevity and success.

Experienced Corporate lawyers in Brasov

Whether your company is a a Limited Liability Company (SRL), or a Joint Stock Company (SA), Prunaru & Associates will provide expertise in all of your Romanian Corporate law requirements.
Our dedicated business lawyers in Brasov counsel clients in formation and development of startup businesses, corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and contracting, corporate governance and compliance, employee benefits and executive compensation but also in complex international transactions.
We counsel clients to identify potential problems in order to avoid litigation when possible and seek a mutual mediation agreement, but, when needed, our corporate lawyers assist clients in commercial disputes and trials in all the Romanian jurisdictions.
Every client and legal matter are unique. Therefore, our dedicated corporate lawyers are committed to each client to identify what goals and interests are truly vital in order to develop and implement a strategy to achieve the success.

Ever changing business environment

Following the accession into the EU in 2007, Romania has experienced a constantly changing business environment with ever expanding merger and acquisition opportunities throughout the country and abroad. The success of these transactions and processes require a dedicated legal team and a strong up-to-date knowledge of the Romanian corporate law and regulations.
Prunaru & Associates will incorporate a tailored strategy whilst keeping flexibility in mind with the ever-changing corporate environment. With strong knowledge and experience in corporate finance as well as employment, competition / antitrust, public and administrative law, information technology, intellectual property, corporate issues, real-estate, commercial contracts, financial agreements, authorization and licensing and competition compliance, our dedicated corporate lawyers in Romania will ensure success.
Prunaru & Associates specialist business legal services in Brasov will take care of every requirement. Furthermore, we specialise in the primary issues for implementation of transactions, including company incorporation requirements, shareholders’ agreements and all tax and accounting preparation and negotiation documents required for the relevant authorities.
For more detailed Romanian corporate law information and advice, contact us here at Prunaru & Associates, our corporate lawyers in Brasov are here to help.