Insurance Law Services

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Fighting for your compensation

Fair insurance compensation requires determination and skills. Our insurance lawyers in Brasov fight hard for our clients’ rights. Whether in mediation or litigation, Prunaru & Associates deliver the finest insurance legal services in Romania.

Insurance Lawyers in Brasov

Through the years, Prunaru & Associates have developed in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and its regulations in Romania. Our Romanian insurance lawyers in Brasov advise on all areas of insurance, reinsurance, regulatory and compliance, and dispute resolution.
Whenever possible, we will always recommend and attempt an amicable mediation between parties to avoid court proceedings. Prunaru & Associates are skilled with all levels of alternative dispute resolutions (Mediation), from smaller level car accidents to malpractice, commercial and transport damages.
When mediation is not an option and strong and diligent Romanian insurance legal representation is required, we stand by our clients and fight hard for their rights and fair compensation. Our insurance lawyers in Romania provide our clients with vast experience in negotiating, drafting and reviewing all types of insurance related agreements, as well as skillful representation in insurance disputes, whether in mediation or litigation.

Our insurance lawyers in Brasov are on hand for any questions you may have. Prunaru & Associates provide insurance legal services in Romania. For more detailed Romanian insurance law advice, please feel free to visit us or contact us.