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Corporate law made easy

We take the weight of corporate law off our client’s shoulders. From start up to restructure, our experienced and innovative corporate lawyers in Brasov ensure every element of our client’s business strategy is built for longevity and success.

The best investment on Earth is earth

Prunaru & Associates real estate lawyers in Brasov proudly council a wide range of national and international clients. We provide complete real estate legal services in Romania, from private & public construction projects nationwide to complex Romanian real estate cross border transactions.
Thus, our real estate lawyers in Romania work with every level of private or public construction projects nationwide, working with general contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, material suppliers and insurers. Prunaru & Associates provide real estate legal services in Romania with the experience and knowledge required for any real estate legal solution.

Our real estate lawyers in Brasov are on hand for any questions you may have. Prunaru & Associates provide only the finest real estate legal services in Romania, for more detailed Romanian real estate legal advice, please feel free to visit us or contact us.