Our Principles

Transparent & just

The forward-thinking Brasov lawyers

Over the years our team of lawyers have embedded and nurtured fundamental professional ethics and values throughout every element of our legal practice.
These principles are deeply instilled within every client process, designed to excel and drive priorities, implement smart strategic action, determine forward thinking and develop solid partnerships in order to ensure our clients’ success.

Exceeding expectations

At Prunaru & Associates we make our clients’ goals and expectations our own. We are always committed to understand our clients’ needs, providing focused legal services of the highest quality to consistently exceed their expectations.

Ambition & success

Our core principles and passion for the law drive us to always stay up to date with current law, regulations and jurisprudence. This helps us deliver our expertise as needed to ensure our clients' success, because our clients’ success is our success.

Collaboration & teamwork

Prunaru & Associates thrive with the power of collaboration. Our collegiality and teamwork create strength and efficiency for our clients. Our transparent, friendly, open approach not only eases the pressure on our clients, but builds trusting long-term partnerships. At Prunaru & Associates we demand our legal team to always put the interests of our clients and the Firm before their own.

Forward thinking

With the complexity of modern-day law and ever evolving technology, not everything is always what it seems. Powerful legal representation requires foresight, experience to foresee risk and any impending legal issues. Our legal team is flexible and creative, with the confidence to push boundaries and challenge existing thinking. From delicate criminal cases to complex corporate restructuring, our forward-thinking approach makes Prunaru & Associates a formidable legal team which protects our clients’ interests in the most complex legal scenarios.

Our Expertise

Our legal team combine their expertise to deliver strong legal services in Romania and internationally, ensuring our clients' success, because we strongly believe that our clients’ success is our success.